How did you start listening to podcasts?

When I was young, I was really into radio and DXing. I used to have a shortwave radio and I had a whole collection of QSL cards. I used to always have the radio on. Unfortunately as time when on, the variety of content became less and less. Commercial talk radio in Seattle, became almost exclusively politics or sports. So, I pretty much stopped listening. Then I heard about podcasting in 2005. I was working overnights stocking shelves. I’d listen to those podcasts every night. They kept me awake and sane. And I’ve been listening ever since.

What made you decide to become a podcaster yourself?

I think I wanted to start a podcast as soon as I listened to my first one. It was kind of like having your own radio station. You could make this media content on an old desktop with the mics you already had and the whole world could hear it. I saw podcasting as this amazing technology that could empower people to communicate without corporate interference. At first I just wanted to be a producer. I didn’t want to be on the microphone. So, I was always trying to pitch show ideas to people. Nobody was really interested in podcasting in 2005. Most people had no idea what a podcast was. So, nobody took me up on my offers. Eventually, I started a little music review show with my roommate.

What where the biggest challenges when you started podcasting?

When I first started, the hardest thing was explaining what a podcast was. You would have to explain so much before you could even talk about why they should listen. Smartphones are ubiquitous now. In 2005 they were not. Some people had iPods or MP3 players but others would have to listen on their computer. The experience was much different back then. It was really hard to get people to list

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

I’ve got lots of advice for new podcasters, but I’ll just talk about what I think is most important. Don’t look at your download numbers when you start. Looking at your show’s stats can become addicting and usually leads to disappointment and frustration. Just focus on making the show.

What are your favorite shows right now?

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