Seattle Podcasters Guild Newsletter #1


This is the first email for the Seattle Podcasters Guild Newsletter. I’m not sure how often these will come out. I’m guessing that it will be a once a month kind of thing. First, I hope everyone is safe and warm during this stormy weather. I haven’t seen this much snow in years. Good luck out there.


If you have not already, please join the Seattle Podcasters Guild group on Meetup. Our next meeting is on Wednesday, February 20th at Optimism Brewing Company. This will be our third meeting! I look forward to seeing everyone. We have a table reserved again. I hope to see you there. Look for the red balloon.

Self-Promotion Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we’ll be doing a self-promotion thread on twitter. Reply with a description and link to your latest episode and we will retweet it.


We are still doing interviews for the Seattle Podcasters Podcast. So far, we have talked to Larry Swanson of Content Strategy Insights, Seth Seppala of Dented Dimension, Brent Lyons of Solving Sounds, and John Adams of the Super Awesome Geek Show. And we have more coming soon! Maybe we will interview you about your podcast next! Schedule and interview with this link.

The List

The Complete List of Seattle Podcasts keeps growing! We did a big update to the list last month. We added a bunch of shows and added more categories. We’ve got about 250 shows on the list right now. Please check it out. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite show on the list.
Please help us promote the list by linking to it on your website, sharing it on social media, and by telling your friends about it.

Jason Rigden

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