What does the future of podcasting hold in 2020? We asked folks on twitter about what they thought was coming.

We got some great responses.

From @marxistmanny

Continued celebrity vanity podcasts that are bad but get a ton of good press because they are celebrities

From toadgeek:

  • They will become more popular
  • Big media will dominate it and bury small podcasters (famous people will have famous podcasts)
  • Spotify (or someone else) will link podcast themes for suggestions using more than just tags.
  • YouTube will embrace podcasters.

From yours truly, @mr_rigden:

  • I think machine generated podcast playlist will be big this year, specifically with Spotify or maybe Pandora. They do a great job with music playlist and I think they can do the same for podcasts
  • I think Google will kill their podcast client and add it to their growing graveyard of once promising tech. Development seems to have already stalled. Bugs are not being fixed much and there have not been any new features recently.
  • Podcast startups will continue to push for more listener tracking and spying. But listeners will push back hard against personalized audio ads in podcasts because it feels creepy.
  • Podcasters will get serious about protecting the term, podcast. Listeners and creators will object to companies misusing the term.

Posted by jason@seattlepodcasters.com